Micro-needling is a treatment which naturally stimulates collagen production.  Also known as collagen induction therapy and skin needling, this technique fires your body’s own repair system through the delivery of the micro-needles which puncture your skin, stimulating collagen production for a radiant complexion.

Why micro-needling?

Micro-needling is suitable for people with scarring, fine lines, crows feet, loss of skin firmness, uneven skin tone and signs of photo-ageing.  Micro-needling is desirable because it stimulates your own natural repair system and is minimally invasive with little to no downtime. It’s also a controlled procedure and considered very safe. Another upside is it’s quite quick, with the average session only lasting about 30 minutes.

How does it work?

Micro-punctures are created using the wand’s micro-needles which produce a controlled skin “injury” without actually damaging the outer layer of your face. These tiny injuries lead to minimal bleeding and trigger natural wound healing and better quality collagen.

Who needs micro-needling?

Anyone can benefit from micro-needling, however, if you’re concerned about mild to moderate acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, sagging skin and uneven skin tone then you can contact our clinic to see if this treatment is suitable for you.

Is there any downtime?

There will be some mild redness and tenderness to your skin for a couple of days post-treatment. This is minimal though and you’ll still be able to get on with your life as normal afterwards. As your skin may be a little more sensitive than usual it will be important to protect yourself from the sun. Make sure you cover up with a good sunscreen and stay out of the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Combine micro-needling and LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy treats skin redness, therefore light therapy is a great combination with micro-needling, as it creates collagen stimulation, circulation to the treated area, and improves function within the lymphatic system.

Before & After Gallery

Results after 2 skin needling treatments*.

Results after 4 skin needling treatments*.

WARNING – Possible side effects of Micro-needling are; redness, localised itchiness, and dryness of the skin, may occur. This treatment is not suitable if you are pregnant.

Results will vary from patient to patient.

*This patient was treated at Dermcosmesis.