tribal ear reconstruction


Tribal Ear Reconstruction repairs earlobes which have been stretched cut or split by earrings or other objects. Sometimes if an earring is too heavy it will stretch the earlobe and over time this leaves a permanent droop and enlarged piercing. Other types of enlarged holes are deliberate, such as tribal holes. Some people might feel as though they were born with earlobes which are too big. In this case you can possibly get an earlobe reconstruction where some of the excess skin is removed. Tribal Ear Reconstruction surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and takes about 3 hours. You will require about 1 day recovery.

What to know about earlobe stretching

Earlobe stretching has become a fashion trend for some, while others have accidentally stretched their earlobes by wearing heavy jewellery. The problem with stretched out earlobes is that once they have been stretched past a certain point it’s unable to repair itself. This is where surgery comes in.

Dangers of Ear Stretching:

  • Can cause an ear “blow out,” meaning the skin on the inside of the earlobe is forced out through the back of the earring
  • Stretched lobes can only be repaired by surgery
  • Can be painful

Who is this surgical procedure for?

Tribal Ear Reconstruction is suitable for anyone who feels their earlobes have been stretched or damaged. You are also a candidate for this procedure if you were born with large earlobes and would like them to be smaller, or if you feel they have enlarged with age. All patients must be at least 18 years of age.

The Procedure

This surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, which means you will be awake but unable to feel any pain. Excess tissue will be removed and stitched internally and externally recreating a normal shape. This is just day surgery, meaning you will be able to return home the same day.


There will be a noticeable scar on your ear post-op. This will appear red right after the procedure but will fade over time. It will take about four to six months for your earlobe to properly heal and have a normal looking appearance again. If you wish to pierce your ears you will have to wait until at least 2 months after the surgery to do so. During your consultation you will need to say if you’d like to wear earrings sooner. If so, you can have the rotational flap technique. This procedure will take about an hour to complete.

Before & After Gallery

Before Treatment

Directly After Treatment

1 month after treatment*.

Note – A deposit will be required before commencement of this procedure. We will inform the patient the percentage of the deposit required at the clinic, when booking the procedure.

*This patient was treated at Dermcosmesis.

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