woman after the thread lift procedure

Have you noticed that the skin around your jaw line has started to sag and hang? Are you wondering what your options are to improve it? Well you may have researched a surgical facelift, and found that there is quite a bit of downtime afterwards.

However have you heard of our thread lift procedure? It’s a great alternative to the surgical facelift, and it’s so non-invasive that you can actually have it done on your lunchbreak from work.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a non-invasive procedure where the sutures are placed in the fat just beneath the skins surface. This then achieves a natural looking lift in the skin, to return the skin to its original position. You can see it’s a very subtle result from the photograph taken below.

This is a perfect treatment for a mature aged client, with sagging skin and loss of elasticity.

Before & 3 weeks post treatment

What to expect during this procedure and afterwards

The procedure takes about 45 minutes. A thread lift procedure can be performed without sedation, however some patients may request it if they would rather not experience the procedure. The downtime for threading is normally 2-3 days, and mild to moderate swelling may appear, with possibility of slight bruising.

It’s advised that you do not undertake any lifting of heavy weight for one week, and only do small extension on jaw line ( i.e. don’t open mouth wide). The best results will be seen 1-3 months post treatment.

If you are considering a thread lift, and have some questions, please contact us to BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION here. We’d love to talk you through any concerns that you may have about this treatment.

Note – results will vary from patient to patient.